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The crossroad between Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Wikileaks

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The relationship between Assange and Manning will be started by a 39 minutes lasting and little grainy  “filmed” of July 2007 In the enormous dowry of confidential documents accessed, Manning discovers a shocking video: it shows an “Apache AH 64” war helicopter, in a reconnaissance flight on Baghdad’s outskirts, firing wildly (from a kilometer high)

From New York to New York

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If I had listened to every “You can’t do it” during my life, I would deal with other businesses at this moment, most likely less exciting (at least for me) than the launch of Orwell’s ambitious project. When I was a greenhorn driven by the sacred fire of the politics, they used to tell me

Sergio Malagoli on Orwell’s Platform: “You’ll earn more working less”

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Born at the dawn of the digital revolution, Sergio Malagoli is Orwell’s Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Technical Officer), he’s the responsible of the development of the platform. In order to understand in practice what it is, how does it works and what it will allow us to do, we interviewed him. Sergio, how did the

1984 reasons to thank Edward Snowden

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It’s not easy to outline the figure of Edward Joseph Snowden. There’s an high risk to fall in the trap plotted by the most basic rhetoric, the one, to be clear, which is able to transform in triviality one of the most relevant acts of “civil disobedience”. The act of disclosing thousands of NSA (National

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