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Drinking tap water: the only (sustainable) possible choice

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Is the water from our tap, although potable, really good? If so, why we keep spending a lot of money on bottled water? We will try here to make things clear about the most valuable asset we have: clean water. Let’s start by saying something that not everyone knows: according to M.D. 31/2001, aqueducts and

9/11 won’t pass

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Rise your hand if you don’t remember where you were and what you were doing on September 11th 2001, a day that stands out in the memory of millions of people, even 18 years later. For some reasons, this is a shocking observation, especially if we consider that our brain is now set on a

Losers before making it big

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Look at this picture: if you didn’t know that this is Mark Zuckerberg, you would think: “who’s this loser?” Kitsch plastic slippers, baggy jeans, sitting on a hub between a box and a photocopier, with an expression that conveys everything but charisma and self-confidence on his face; the classic nerd, who would have certainly been

Beyond Rousseau: digital democracy challenges everyone.

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Besides all the political considerations, now I’d like to point out the role of Rousseau Platform. Today’s leitmotiv from left to right wing is, more or less, that “60 thousand 5 Star Movement subscribers impose the government on 60 million Italians”; a statement that can effectively express dissent, but is still misleading, since we all

Who Assange is: the man with no half measures

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No one has been able to arouse hate and admiration, enthusiasm and contempt in equal measure like Julian Assange. And yet, beyond his own enigmatic figure, a divisive subject for a thousand reasons, the impact of his work on investigative journalism and press freedom sparked the debate around the Wikileaks leader. What is, then, Assange?

Wikileaks, the bastion in defense of Truth and Knowledge

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My crime is impossible to atone for. Not even after seven years of hard prison, full of abuses. 1 This is what Chelsea must have thought before the grand jury on the morning of March 8th 2019. Manning, aware of the consequences, firmly rejected the umpteenth request of the court, oriented to frame Assange (guilty

Derrick de Kerckhove: «In the future the news will read us»

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Derrick de Kerckhove (Wanze, may 30th 1944) is a Canadian-naturalized Belgium-born sociologist and journalist. Sociologist, journalist and scientific director of Media Duemila, he directed the McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology of the University of Toronto from 1983 to 2008. He is the author of “The Skin of Culture and Connected Intelligence” and University Professor

Ten questions about the future of news

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Ten questions to think about the present and try to preconize the future of journalism. We worked on them together with Guido Giraudo, we reasoned with the aim of opening a door on a clearer horizon about how news is first written, then provided and, finally, consumed by the readers. This issue is anything but

“Bradass87″’s Hell

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it’s pretty hot at Camp Arifjan, in Kuwait, in the military base where Bradley Manning is addressed after the arrest caused by the betrayal of his friend Adrian Lamo. After having rummaged through thousands of files documenting the abuses for a long time, the former intelligence analyst tastes the Guantanamo treatment methods applied by the

Who is Chelsea Manning?

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What would you do if you’d have access to classified networks for fourteen hours per day, for seven days a week for eight months? To this rhetorical question asked in 2010 to Adrian Lamo (the American Hacker who delivered her to the US Army), Chelsea Manning, born Bradley, already gave an answer. But who’s Chelsea

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