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Web Summit: the best quotes

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In the last ten years, the Websummit has proven itself as one of the most interesting events for strartups, innovators and entrepreneurs from over 160 countries around the world. The several stages are real megaphones for the diffusion of innovative ideas in the technological sector and many others, but the opportunity to listen directly to

Michael Kratsios from Web Summit: «The Chinese government has built an advanced authoritarian state»

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Good afternoon. It is such an honor to be with all of you at the 2019 web summit here in Lisbon. I have heard that this is absolutely the best Technology Conference on the planet, and based on the incredible entrepreneurial energy in this room today it is very very clear why here ideas are

The New World dis-Order

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We have set up a new way of thinking according to which we should look at the worldide political events no longer with the linguistic stereotypes of the nineteenth century nor with the ideological pre-concepts of the twentieth century. It is not possible that on any source of information (newspapers, TV, websites and online blogs),

Internet, communication and the government: a conversation with Iginio Massari

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Iginio Massari’s greatest power is that he is Iginio Massari. Certainly, it’s quite evident, but at the same time useful to clarify a whole series of superfluous questions such as “how do you become the best?” In the age of dematerialized atoms into bits that run a thousand kilometers per hour in the optical fibers

The alien invasion is already here: the plastic one

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This story begins and ends in Viareggio. In the Pearl of Versilia, in February, there’s the traditional allegorical floats parade. This year one of the most beautiful, created by Roberto Vannucci and entitled: “Alta Marea” (high tide ed), represented a whale with the mouth full of plastic and the body imprisoned in the same plastic.

Stallone and Rocky eventually together

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Stallone owes it to himself: Rocky saga cannot end with a spin-off like Creed II. I’ve been thinking about this for a few months, but after seeing Rambo’s fifth chapter, I couldn’t help but write, because in life everything passes, and at a certain point we have to connect the dots by untying the knots

Censorship: Facebook launches the Surveillance Commission

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1 – The Ministry of Truth may request that the Party to provide information reasonably needed for deliberations in a timely and transparent way; 2 – The Ministry of Truth will have to interpret the Party Community Standards and other relevant policies (collectively referred to as “content policies”) in light of the articulated values of

Permanent Record: they spy on us 24 hours a day, yet we don’t care about privacy

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Thanks to Edward Snowden we know that all our actions are under control, yet we act as if nothing happens.

A priest at the court of the emperor of Japan

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The incredible story of Don Umberto Pineschi and his Organ Music Academy «From Japan I learned the deep love for creation and art, the respect for the human being in his own nuances and in his smallest details but, above all, the absolute loyalty to the fundamental values of life and friendship». Mons. Umberto Pineschi

Trump’s trap to fool the Democrats

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Many, in the left wing, have a bad habit: they are conceited and as such they experience a superiority complex that leads them to think that they own the right to rule. The opponents? Just ignorant and, therefore, populist beasts. This is something we can say on the other way around. Since they have “some”

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