The anti-Camorra priest: that’s why Saviano is dangerous

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Second part. «You have to tell things completely, if you want to talk about a territory you have to say everything, not just what you think is most commercial». So we continue the conversation started yesterday with Don Aniello Manganiello, a Guanellian priest who, from the early nineties to September 2010, was the minster of

An interview with Don Manganiello: how to eradicate the Camorra

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First part. Don Aniello Manganiello, 65, a Don Guanella’s follower, is one of those priests with a contagious smile, the wrinkles on his face speak of struggle, passion and love for his people, they tell us how we always go up against the current, how we always play in an away game, even if you

Alex Anderson runs again for the elections and takes Orwell To Las Vegas CES2020

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“No thanks, I don’t vote in the United States,” or “Excuse me, you’re the candidate, aren’t you? Can we take a selfie together?” Among the tens of thousands of people who cross the threshold of the CES in Las Vegas, many blink their eyes when they find in their hands the flyer of ANDER20N for

Manuel Bortuzzo is our Person of the Year

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Authentic and therefore bright, like a mirror capable of externally reflecting one’s inner beauty, making it a gift to this mad world where emptiness has taken the place of substance, selfishness has replaced common sense and social networks have suppressed much of our desire to be together. Athlete, friend, boyfriend, son, boy. This is Manuel

With Orwell at Las Vegas CES 2020

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Orwell is among the few Italian Startups selected both by Italian Trade Agency and Eureka Park. The largest and most influential technological event in the world. This is the CES (acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, ed) of Las Vegas, the real test for innovative technologies and global innovators. Here top brands do business and meet

The Trump Method

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What do Trump and Totti have in common? As a matter of facts, nothing. All the more reasons, as a romanist and a Totti fan, I know well that for many people this comparison will border on blasphemy, but still. Remember the “I purged you again” that the Captain turned to Lazio fans after winning

Nardone: «Snowden’s challenge to Facebook and Google starts from Web Summit»

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The Web Summit reaches its tenth edition and lately it has been held in Lisbon. According to Forbes, this is the “best tech conference on the planet” and, in fact, the numbers are very impressive: 1,800 startups, 1,500 investors and 2,000 media representatives for over 70,000 participants who came to Portugal from 163 Countries. The

Web Summit: the best quotes

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In the last ten years, the Websummit has proven itself as one of the most interesting events for strartups, innovators and entrepreneurs from over 160 countries around the world. The several stages are real megaphones for the diffusion of innovative ideas in the technological sector and many others, but the opportunity to listen directly to

Michael Kratsios from Web Summit: «The Chinese government has built an advanced authoritarian state»

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Good afternoon. It is such an honor to be with all of you at the 2019 web summit here in Lisbon. I have heard that this is absolutely the best Technology Conference on the planet, and based on the incredible entrepreneurial energy in this room today it is very very clear why here ideas are

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